Successful ICO RoadShow.

When you need to show your project to as many people and investors as possible, starting from ICOHOLDER. Raise Money in the ICO roadshow with our team and be simultaneously in several places only at the right time in the right place

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Money is Raised Here.

We help startups to sell their tokens by 1 by 1 meetings

Of successful ICOs have made a RoadShow.
The average number of events visited by successful ICOs during RoadShow.
Average number of contacts with private investors during the RoadShow.
1 from 9
ICOs rase their goal during RoadShow.
Hours is the average preparation time for RoadShow: pitch training, event search, purchase of tickets etc.
Average number of contacts with Investment funds during the RoadShow.
* data, 05.01.2018

How It Works.

We know exactly where you need to be

In this year there were more then 6500 blockchain events. These are events of different sizes, the number of participants, with different audiences and interests. And only a small part of them (over 3%) can really help attract investment and significantly increase the popularity of your project.

With the help of our ICO tracker and a system of ratings and balances we evaluate events on a number of indicators, such as popularity in social networks and media, the number of investors, the quality of speakers and the presence of investment funds.

You will always be in the right place at the right time.

Leave the whole organization to us

We, in ICOHOLDER, do majority of the work in private placement. We organize your meetings with investors in Asia, Europe, UAE, USA by working with our local partners. We introduce our customers to the investors in 45 locations all over the world, schedule meetings with attendees, investment funds and speakers during conferences/meetups for your team members (av. ~ 20/daily per your team member).

We also help to find the flights, hotel and can meet you at the meeting points.

On average, the organization takes time of 3 people. Spend your time just on your business. We will do the rest.

Be in many places at once

We can do everything on your behalf. Our 12 native speakers from different countries will visit the necessary events, pitch your ICO and bring you hot contacts of investors who are interested in your project and detailed report.

Be in many places at once time to make your successful ICO happen.

Premium access, rare tickets and much more

We can find and buy rare tickets and tickets with discounts, get limited access to closed events, apply for speaker services, book an exhibition slot - all you need to maximize your presentation.

If you need design, placement of stretch marks or banners or need help with the presentation - our creative department is ready to help.


Recommendation is the best reward

Let’s work together.

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